Here you can find more information about the conference program. The program for the conference ICADTS2022 is not yet available. A Preliminary Program will be available in December 2021.

Below you will find an overview of the symposia.

Symposium title Chairs/Co-Chairs
Medical Cannabis and Driving: Emerging Challenges and Possible Solutions Thomas Arkell
Luke Downey
Development and implementation of recommendations for driving and medication use in primary care. Best Practice examples from the Netherlands Sander Borgsteede
Hilka Wolschrijn
PRETRIAL SERVICES: Key Components & Best Practice Recommendations to Reduce Recidivism and Save Lives Tara Casanova Powell
Darrin Grondel
Enforcement strategies impaired driving Charles Goldenbeld
Sjoerd Houwing
Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS): next generation methods to manage driver impairment Amie Hayley
Luke Downey
The rise of the balloons: impact of recreational use of Nitrous Oxide in the Netherlands Laura Hondebrink
Lex Lemmers
The Future of Drunk Driving Prevention – A Vision for Zero Tolerance Robert Strassburger
Kristin Kingsley
Impaired driving in Muslim countries: Laws and behaviors Marie Claude Ouimet
Zahra Tabibi
Challenges and solutions for studies of alcohol and drug use among road users in low- and middle-income countries Flavio Pechansky
Juliana Scherer
Cannabinoids and driving I Jan Ramaekers
Recreational and medicinal use of ketamine: implications for traffic safety Jan Ramaekers
Joris Vester
DRUID – 10 years after Anja Knoche
Han de Gier
Alcohol use and driving: detection, risk and remediation Margaret Ryan
Desmond O’Neill
Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in The Netherlands Beitske Smink
Han de Gier
Novel psychoactive substances; new kids on the road Eef Theunissen
Charles Goldenbeld
Comparing Cognitive Impairment Related to On Road Driving in regards to Drug Consumption and Aging Michelle Tomczak
Reyhaneh Bakhtiari
Alcohol ignition interlocks: how to make an interlock program effective and efficacious Ward Vanlaar
Robyn Robertson
Alcohol hangover and driving Andrew Scholey
Joris Verster
PEth and other biochemical markers of alcohol use and their role in prevention of drink driving Majda Zorec Karlovsek
Wolfgang Weinmann